Three Tricks in Seven Days

The Bruja’s Contract. Erotica by Kaye

Kaye K Deseray
8 min readJan 23, 2020

The law office of Lee & Lewis was the ideal place to work if you were one of them, a good ole boy. Contrary, the women on the other hand struggled for equal pay, fair distribution of work and equal respect from their male peers. It was always about control with the males in the firm. Control the way you dress, your hair, your make-up, even your perfume was regulated and despite your credentials you were expected to get the coffee or make a lunch run for the department.

Hell, it was 1978, times were changing. It was two years from a new decade, yet it felt twenty-years behind schedule for women’s rights. Lenoir was sick of the game. Sick of the gender wage gap. Sick of being the token employee, she wanted revenge. Being the only Black female in the office hadn’t helped matters, “keep your hair relaxed, hide your breasts, minimize your ass, work harder, dammit work harder!”

Lenoir could hear Phoenix bitching long before her colleague entered the break room. “Screw this bull shit!” Phoenix yelled, storming in the breakroom for coffee. Lenoir knew better than to comment. “Let White people deal with White people problems” she thought, taking her seat next to the window to avoid chiming in with Phoenix. Within a few seconds Phoenix stomped her way over to Lenoir’s table. Without asking she took a seat across the table facing Lenoir. “I know you’re tired of this shit, Phoenix whispered. There are twenty-seven attorneys in this office, two of which are ladies. Explain to me why we consistently get the worst-case loads and the lowest pay?”

Lenoir knew the real reason Phoenix was upset. She’d been fucking Preston Grislier, one of the senior partners from the firm. And for what? Nothing. Sucking Preston’s pint-size dick hadn’t gotten her any closer to making partner. Maybe if she spent more time concentrating on her work instead of his dick, she could have made partner by now.

Changing the subject, Phoenix asked, “are you going to the office party next week?” putting her cigarette out and reaching for another.

Lenoir had no intention to attend despite being encouraged by her family to do so. “I’m not sure,” Lenoir took a swig of coffee.

“It’s really not an office party, I’ve heard its one big fucking orgy,” Phoenix added.

Lenoir wasn’t moved. She’d already heard about the wild parties at the firm. The last woman to attend a Lee & Lewis party got drunk and fucked every man at the firm, and later sued the company for slandering her name and leaking photos to colleagues and family. Word on the street, Nicole was never a drinker, and the entire story was fabricated by executives who gave her drugs and had their way with her. No one has seen or heard from Nicole since the event, so I guess one will never know.

Doris enters the lounge and lights a cigarette. “Oh god! Not this weird bitch,” Phoenix lowers her head and glanced out the window to avoid looking at Doris.

“This bitch is some sort of medium, a psychic, or a witch.”

Lenoir laughed.

“Doris was indeed a weirdo. Smart, but still a bit eccentric. She worked as a contract employee for the Pro Bono department. At 5 foot 9 inches her presence was striking. She was model pretty with a fair complexion and wore a gothic black pencil-skirt, and sweater, complimented by shiny blue-black hair and bright orange lipstick.

Doris grabbed a large coffee with two donuts and joined the other ladies at the table. “I know how we can fuck this company.”


Phoenix met Preston at their usual spot for lunch, room 9311 at the Hyatt Regency. The city view from the room was spectacular and overlooked most of downtown Dallas. Phoenix entered the room and opened her briefcase removing a few of Preston’s favorite sex toys.

“You fat bastard! Where are you?” she yelled for Preston, cracking the whip in midair as she made her way inside the hotel suite.

Preston was laying across the bed, his dick was hard, and he was ready for a snack. “You hungry mother fucker, I know you want something to put in your mouth!” Preston nodded; his eyes were glazed from excitement.

“Answer me, you sorry son of a bitch!”

“Yes ma’am!” he screamed and lifted his head to look at the vixen walking toward him.

Phoenix cracked the whip across his naked butt cheeks, and he yelled.

“You sensitive mother fucker. Open your damn mouth bitch! Preston did as he was told and Phoenix poured the solution Doris had prepared down his throat and covered his mouth, cracking his ass with her whip in the meantime.

When he finished swallowing the solution, she stood over his head, rotating her pussy from side to side while he gazed up at her from the bed. “If you miss a lick, I’m going to beat your ass” she added.

“No ma’am. I promise, I won’t miss,” he responded.

Phoenix sat on his face, and he started licking. She sealed her pussy lips tight around his nose and mouth. The bastard wasn’t getting any air, but he kept licking, the harder she rode his face, the faster he kept licking. She had to admit, the shit was good, he licked her pussy like it was his last meal, and in a sense, it almost was, and before she knew it, she had multiple orgasms.

When she removed her body from his face, he was choking, gasping for air and then he signed the contract.


Lenoir did exactly as Doris instructed.

Everyday her boss requested coffee, each day for a week, at the same time, she added the solution Doris had prepared to his coffee. The first time she did it she was afraid he would notice or taste the difference with his coffee. Fortunately, he didn’t notice a thing.

On the seventh day, she wore the perfume as instructed, as well as the crotch-less panties and low-cut blouse. When she arrived at work, Doris had arranged for the other associates to be out of the office.

As soon as she entered the office, her boss, Ron, got a hard-on, and he started sweating.

“Are you okay, Ron?” Lenoir asked.

He removed his glasses and lowered his head. “I’m okay.” Before he could utter another word, she unzipped his pants and started stroking his big pink dick. “Is this what you want?” she whispered.

He lifted his head and nodded in agreement.

“I knew you liked chocolate” she added.

“You want to taste my pussy, don’t you?”

Ron had a big dick. Unlike the rumors circulating about white guys, his dick was big, pink, and strong. “This may even be fun,” she thought.

“Can I lick your pussy now?” he asked while she played with her pussy.

She told him no.

She could tell he wasn’t accustomed to rejection. “Please, Ms. Lenoir, can I kiss your pussy.” She continued playing with her pussy, ignoring his request. His body shivered as she put her fingers in his mouth. “Please, he cried out! Please, can I lick your pussy?”

“Yes, you can, but don’t stop until I tell you.”

He picked her off the office sofa and laid her across his desk, opening her legs then rubbed his face up and down her pussy until his face was covered with pussy juice. He started licking her clitoris, alternating between her ass and her pussy. He went on for what seemed like an hour. When Lenoir’s body was pushed to the limit, she moved his mouth from her vagina and handed him a pen. Without hesitation, he signed the agreement.


Like clockwork, he went to the gym daily at 6 am, pushed some weights, did a few leg curls, and spent thirty minutes on the treadmill followed by a protein shake and a shower.

Eugene was a light-skinned, muscle-toned Black man, who was the only African American shareholder for Lee & Lewis at that time.

Doris had managed to make a copy of his locker key, and for six days she added her concoction to his protein shake. On the seventh day, he drunk the concoction and immediately felt nauseated. She watched him struggle to gain his composure. When she was sure the medication had taken control of him, she walked over to assist.

“Are you okay?” she asked, placing her hand on his forehead. “I’m okay.” he responded. Before he could utter another word, she removed her gym shorts and laid on the floor, opening her legs exposing her pussy. “You do like pink, don’t you?” She hadn’t showered and her pussy was hot and sweaty. He licked his thick lips inside her vagina and then stopped, feeling guilty about his wife.

Doris was impressed by his attempt to resist and started stroking her clitoris with her fingers and put her fingers inside her mouth.

Eugene was weak.

He dropped to his knees and licked her pussy like a madman.

When he finished licking her pussy, she turned over on her stomach and he sucked her ass out, alternating between licking the outside of her anus and then sticking his tongue inside her ass hole. He butt-fucked her with his tongue, in and out of her crack. Fuck Jimmy crack corn, Eugene was cracking her ass with his tongue, and since she had never been tongue fucked inside her ass, she loved every minute of it. The experience was highly erotic, and he continued for hours, sucking her pussy and ass until she collapsed, but not before he requested that she urinate on him. She was hesitant at first, but he kept begging. She handed him the file and a pen, and he signed the agreement. Then she pissed on him as requested.

After seven days the spell proved to be effective. And for the next thirty days the hierarchy changed in the firm, awarding senior partner positions to both Lenoir and Phoenix. Over the course of the next two years, Lenoir and Phoenix hired additional female attorney’s eventually turning the company into a multi-billion-dollar law firm.

Ron, the senior partner of ten years, resigned from Lee & Lewis after Lenoir refused to be exclusive and started a position at Howard University where he teaches law.

Eugene, the only Black partner at that time, divorced his wife, and married Doris, who resigned from her position as a paralegal, and started law school.

Preston Grislier had a mental breakdown shortly after the change of command and later became a spokesman for Weight Watchers.



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