Ladies Night

Erotica by Kaye

Kaye K Deseray
7 min readNov 19, 2020
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Shane & Marks was on celebratory vibe after landing the Wesson account. Diana already had great ideas for the multi-million-dollar campaign and couldn’t wait to dive in, but right now the evening out with her girls at the Limelight was the focus.

The quadruplets well not really — were meeting-up later tonight and had major plans to turn up. Coming off a three-year hiatus Diana was anxious to get more than her groove back.

Her cell vibrated. She closed the office door and answered the phone.

“What’s up girl?”

“I’m sorry Diana, I have to cancel. Michael is running a temperature, I’m on my way to meet him and the Nanny at the doctor’s office,” Lena added.

“I see. Hey, it’s okay, take care of Mike, we’ll schedule a make-up later” Diana confirmed.

Lena apologized and hung up the phone.

“Damn. Lena was the party. The other girls were fun, but no one could party as hard as Lena.” She considered postponing but had a change of heart.

She informed staff she’d be out a few days and began clearing her desk.

Still unsure what to wear she narrowed her choice to a Versace dress paired with Red Bottoms.

Joe, the CFO, knocked on the office door. She motioned him inside.

Joe was a white guy who had all the ladies in the office shook. He was attractive except she had never dated a white guy, despite, he had a thing for her and didn’t hesitate to let it be known. “I’ve got two tickets to the Jazz Corner; I know you want to join me” he encouraged. She smiled considering the offer. Sexy-blue eyes, he was fine as hell but tonight was Ladies Night.

“Give me a raincheck,” pushing her way past him — purposely brushing her ass against his dick.

“Awe, see how you do me.”

“What? I said excuse me” she said playfully.

“You wrong girl,” still standing in her office watching her leave.

Joe could get it — just not today. She wanted him but needed to play hard to get before giving it up.

She made her way outside and waited for valet.

The attendant arrived shortly, parked her car, she tipped him and proceeded to her condo.

New York traffic was heavy that afternoon, she didn’t mind, it gave her the opportunity to loosen up.

Halfway home she got a call from Maybelle.

“Don’t be upset. I know Lena already cancelled. I don’t think I can make it either. I’m working late and probably won’t feel like partying.” Maybelle said.

“You bitches are working my nerve!” Diana exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” Maybelle offered. “You guys owe me.”

“We will make it up to you.” Maybelle agreed.

“Bye bitch.” Diana ended the call, parked her vehicle inside and took the elevator to the 19th floor making her way inside the penthouse.

Once inside, she kicked off her shoes and did a line at the bar. “Fuck it, and fixed a drink, no way in hell I’m stopping this train tonight.”

She showered and continued to get dressed.

Ladies Night

The Uber stopped at the velvet rope, already on cloud nine she was lit.

Unlike her girlfriends she enjoyed life on the wild side and decided to make a pit stop before meeting up with her girlfriends.

She walked inside King’s private night club, and the maître d’ handed her a box.

Inside was a marijuana stick, more coke, and ecstasy. Not big on pills she opted for the coke.

The staff took her coat, and she proceeded inside.

Two gentlemen approached as she walked to the bar.

“Can I get a drink for you?” the handsome stranger asked, checking out her calves that were resting high in the nine-hundred-dollar stiletto’s.

“Double White Russian,” she ordered and joined the tall stranger and his buddy in the VIP section where she did more lines. By the third round she’d forgotten about meeting her girlfriends and turned off her cell, then gently squeezed the tall stranger’s crouch.

He was super sexy, and the coke had her super-soaked.

The trio continued drinking, snorting, and blowing off steam when the tall stranger felt the area was getting too populated and motioned the waiter, who led them to a secluded area in the rear of the club, where an additional man joined the trio — complementing a perfect quartet.

When they entered the room Guy 1 began pouring cocaine on the table like it was Christmas. One by one they became prey to the white lady’s grip.

As the room became saturated with euphoria, Diana slowly unzipped the pants of Guy 2 and to her surprise he had a nice package, not to big, not too small, just right. She stuffed his perfect sized dick in her mouth, and Guy 3 lifted her dress high above her waist. He got on his knees and began licking her clitoris in a rapid motion until it became ripe and swollen.

Numb with euphoria, Guy 1 watched from a distance as Guy 2 and Guy 3 fucked Diana on the dance floor.

He watched as Diana sucked hard on the dick of Guy 2, saliva and semen running down the side of her mouth, while Guy 3 fucked her from the rear, dick gliding in and out her pussy while she slobbered Guy 2 down.

Her celibate pussy went into shock. It had been almost a year since her last sexual encounter.

Diana pledged an oath during her hiatus hoping her gesture of celibacy would clear her head and better the chance of finding a hero. The weird thing about heroes, they usually come when you least expect it.

Tired of watching from the sideline, Guy 1 removed his pants and decided to join the party, dropping his pants freeing the beast between his legs.
His magnum sized black dick was shining bright like a diamond, she felt his energy across the room.

Guy 2 and Guy 3 began to lose their high as King Dick controlled the room.

In slow motion, she watched HIM make his way to the dance floor.

What would her friends think? Not one, or even two, but now a third man was about to fuck her.

As Guy 1 approached the dance floor, Guy 2 went limp and headed back to the table for a refill.

Guy 1 was now on the floor— with a small platter of high-grade cocaine in his hand, she blew two lines with ease.

The energy from Guy 1 seemed to radiate the area, rock hard he unfastened her bra and began kissing her nipples, alternating between the left and right nipple — squeezing her breasts with both hands stimulating her fondling her nipples to an erection.

Guy 3 and Guy 2 continued watching from the sideline.

Guy 1 kissed and sucked Diana’s breasts while she played with her pussy.

When her hands were totally saturated with pussy juice, Guy 1 licked her fingers dry again. When she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he picked her up and pressed her body hard against the wall, tearing inside her pussy like a man on a mission. She wrapped her legs tight around his waist and dug her fingernails deep in his back. The pain was intense, yet pleasurable.

King Dick was the corporate type, but still a rough neck — he had her at first glance. She exhaled, feeling his hairy-black chest against her breast. Still against the wall, he grabbed her legs, spreading them wide open — pinning them in separate directions as he kept his body planted firmly between her legs. With a deep penetration she felt the walls of her pussy cave in, as he kept pushing deep inside her — nailing her body against the wall, going in and out of her pussy, juice flowing like milk down the wall.

They were both high as hell — elated from the psychedelic fucking taking place between them. Sometimes you just know what you know, and she knew a hero was on the field. The other players were benched and continued watching from the sideline while Diana and Guy 1 continued to dance.

They went on for what seemed like hours, when 2 & 3 began to complain.

“Fuck Em,” Guy 1 whispered in her ear, he had no intention of stopping— hell the fat lady hadn’t even opened her mouth yet.

As Diana and Guy 1 continued an intense session, 2 and 3 concluded their time was over and started getting dressed — leaving the area exclusively to the King and Queen who continued on the dance floor for hours — blow for blow, pound per pound, until the coke and their energy were exhausted.

image by Gary Marvelous

After three full rounds they were both weak and collapsed on the floor in each other arms.

The staff entered the private area and informing the couple the club was closing. Weakened by love they left the floor, took a shower in the private facility, got dressed and exited to the diner across the street.

Some months later the “King” and “Queen” married.

They never saw Guy 2 or Guy 3 again and from now until eternity their love remained constant.



Kaye K Deseray

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