Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Slob the Knob?

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Kaye K Deseray
3 min readJun 18, 2019

Oral sex involves the stimulation of genitalia using the mouth, throat and tongue during sexual intercourse. So, how will you know if you're getting it right? Is there a right or a wrong way to slob the knob?

Most men will answer no because in their perspective there is no right or wrong way to give a blow job. To them it’s still head but then you got really good head, and of course there’s the super-head, which is the creme de la creme of fellatio.

Like anything a great blow job requires practice. If you’re a novice at giving head and want to beef up your fellatio skills try an adult movie or simply explain your position to your mate. He’ll either dictate the way he likes it or opt for a more experienced partner. My guess is he will walk you through the process.

For the man a little less direct, you may have to figure it out along the way.

Generally, there are two recommended methods for slobbing the knob, the Deep Throat and the Ice-Cream Cone. The combination of both by the grown-n-sexy experienced women is a fan favorite.

Whatever method you decide, do it with confidence. Just to let you know men aren’t attracted to low-confidence head. So, treat it like a Jolly Rancher and keep sucking until you see the rainbow.

Ready to ejaculate

Are you equipped to have him cum inside your mouth? If not, you may want to discuss the matter beforehand. Once the session begins it may be too late.

Oral sex etiquette teaches us Never come unannounced in somebody’s mouth, but during the heat of the moment it may be hard to control. If the memo is received ahead of time he’ll likely avoid coming inside your mouth.

Should you swallow if he ejaculates inside your mouth?

An experienced person or someone who’s into swallowing I would say yes, but if that’s not your thing, turn your head to the right or left releasing the semen on the bed, a tissue, or whatever’s nearby. Chances are if your timing is right — his eyes will be closed during ejaculation anyway.

Once you become more experienced at giving fellatio you know when your partner is about to blow.

Lesson one: Ready to Blow

Muscular contractions along the base of his penis as well as the tip of his penis will start preparing for ejaculation. As the time gets closer, you should feel the vibration inside your mouth. In addition, his breathing pattern will change followed by an intense feeling of not being able to pipe down. A man once said, an ejaculation is like going over a cliff at 120 MPH, once it starts you can’t undo it.

Lesson Two: Keep It Clean.

Hygiene is the upmost important. Putting a smelly cock in your mouth doesn’t work. Keep it nice and fresh. You can incorporate foreplay with a sexy bath using roses, flowers, and champagne.

Lesson Three: Touch and Tease

Gently massage his scrotum and testicles while alternating between deep sucking and running your tongue alongside the penis. The Ice-Cream Cone Technique is a perfect approach. Imagine licking ice-cream that has trickled down his penis, down the balls, the scrotum and penile shaft.

Once you’ve licked up the dripping ice cream take him deep in your mouth but watch your gag reflex. If you're not proficient at taking the entire penis in your mouth, don’t do it. If you're not sure, practice by taking in a small amount at a time.

The best technique during oral sex would be the Screw N Suck which is similar to the grapefruit technique we watched Tiffany Haddish use in the movie “Girls Trip” except you are using your hand instead of a grapefruit.

Place your hand gently around the penis shaft and rotate it counterclockwise then clockwise while taking the penis in and out of your mouth.

As you can see there’s no PhD required for great fellatio — the only prerequisites are confidence and a great partner.

Whatever approach you decide I’m sure your partner will enjoy it and most important you should enjoy it as well.



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