Entanglement, His Version

Erotica by Kaye

Kaye K Deseray
4 min readJul 20, 2020

Halo didn’t pretend when his company surprised him with a birthday celebration. The week had been hectic. If it wasn’t for his wife sending flowers, he would have forgotten his own birthday.

Toni had always been consistent. He could depend on her for anything, and maybe that was the problem. Maybe she was too consistent. Not that he was complaining. Everyone knew she was a great woman, but sometimes a man requires spontaneity, something to keep him motivated, something to make him want to come home at night.

He finished the thank you speech and glanced at his wife. “Just look at her — she’s perfect. Elegant, educated, and fine as hell. “So why am I bored out of my fucking mind?”

Interim, the party was winding down. On her way out, she reminded him not to work late. She had planned an afterparty at home. He was less than excited.

As staff cleared the office, he prayed a situation would occur that required him to work late. Sad, but true he wasn’t looking forward to his wife’s night cap.

The Situation

It was 7pm.

He called his wife, informing her he was on his way home.

While driving, intrusive thoughts overwhelmed his mind.

On impulse he decided to stop by Big Al’s maybe shoot some pool anything to get his fucking mind right.

He entered the club and observed the small crowd.

Despite being near empty, the music was bumping, and he made his way to the bar where he ordered a drink — unaware of the woman sitting next to him.

During the second round — that’s when he noticed, Her.

It would be rude not to start a conversation so he did.

The chemistry they shared was amazing.

Hours had passed, but he hadn’t noticed the time. He was immersed by Her.

As the last person left — Big Al gave him that look. Halo knew he should be heading home, but he couldn’t leave. He couldn’t leave without knowing more about Her.

He got up from the bar, motioning Al to the back of the club.

Big Al grabbed his coat and handed Halo the keys to the club. Once Al left, Halo put the closed sign on and locked the door.

The music continued from the DJ booth.

In rhythm, he made his way back to Her, and that’s when she did what bad girls love to do. She unzipped his pants and assumed the position.

Red lights. An empty club. Music is playing in the background. The scene was perfect.

She got on her knees and put his dick in her mouth. Toni complained that his dick was too big for oral sex.

He tossed his head back and enjoyed the experience. Alicia Keys, Un-Thinkable, playing in the background — she sucked in unison with the tempo. She sucked his dick so smooth and effortlessly. He grabbed the back of her hair, pushing his penis deep inside her mouth, and she continued slobbing him down.

No gag reflex. No choking, just deep rhythmic sucking. She sucked him so good he nutted two or three times, and with each release, she immediately got him hard again. The girl was bad! Taking him deep inside her juicy mouth, wet lips and tongue twirling his dick like a lollipop. He watched semen run down both sides of her mouth and almost ejaculated from the stress. The strobe light blinking in agreement — he became dizzy. This Bih was on some vampire type shit, sucking the life out of him. Going for blood, she had him in another world. His pulse was racing, warning him of the fireworks building, sweat forming on his forehead — he felt his knees get weak. He wanted to ejaculate and still, she kept sucking despite his near collapse.

His body began floating.

He felt his chest cave.

“What the fuck kind of sex magick is this?” he thought.

She paused briefly removing his dick from her mouth, licking his shaft up and down, using both hands she continued rotating the skin on his shaft — counterclockwise, in a twisting motion until cum trickled from his penis tip.

Like taking a drink from a water fountain, she caught the cum and his dick back inside her mouth. Her wet tongue licking the tip of his penis, she did something like a vacuum motion, sucking what little semen he had left.

He had dreamed of this moment. He missed this moment — Hell, he deserved this damn moment! He tried finger fucking her while she sucked his dick, but she politely pushed his hand away.

She didn’t need reciprocity. What she needed was to see him get off.

She pulled him closer and was unbelievably focused. He wasn’t sure if She was trying to kill him but the thought of death at that precise moment didn’t seem so bad.

She lowered his body to the floor. Dick still in her mouth and still sucking, she laid on her back, and he positioned himself on top of her chest. This bitch hadn’t missed a beat.

She was still sucking.

He felt a tear form in his eye. He grabbed her hair holding on for dear life. Alicia Keys — Un-Thinkable on repeat . He was beside himself when he saw his cell was ringing from across the room. He couldn’t think of answering it.

Something had a hold on him, and it was Her.



Kaye K Deseray

Great sex begins in the mind and ends well practically never. The Naissant Rose Series is available on Kindle. MA(mature audience)….author Kaye K Deseraye